Our Investors

TPEG’s customers include high net worth individuals, family offices, and wealth management advisors. Our typical high net worth investor has a diversified portfolio, including a mix of public equities and alternative investments such as real estate or operating company participation. Many investors prefer not to trust their entire portfolio to the stock market.

We present each of our transactions individually, so investors have the option to opt into, or out of, each investment. We never ask our investors to commit capital to a fund or to delegate to us their ability to choose the assets in their portfolio. This strategy increases transparency and ensures that we constantly target investments that appeal to many of our investors. It also affords investors more opportunities to rebalance their portfolios.

Each investor maintains complete control over the mix of assets in his or her portfolio.

We provide the balance in pricing, structure, and governance to work towards earning our investors above average risk-adjusted returns, compensating for the illiquidity of direct participation investments. We also receive the majority of our compensation only after our investors have received a full return of their contributed capital along with all accrued interest and preferred return.